Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Autumn mood - be colourful

For me Autumn is the time when all warm colours meet together and you can explore them and immerse into them :) Being inspired by the colours I painted a set of three candle holders, they look absolutely marvellous :)

Creative coffee

What's the best way to wake up on Monday morning? For me is my favourite coffee, but is it enough? Of course not! At one of the coffee shops they give a very nice cup, when you finish your coffee you can decorate it. Isn't that great? It took me three minutes to colour in my cup today. Is there anything better than best coffee and being creative at the same time? I hope they will have winter version soon. I'm looking forward to it :) :) :)



Saturday, September 19, 2015

Crafting at Ally Pally

Today I went to Alexandra Palace in London to do some shopping, I spent a lot ... seriously a lot of money there, but hey! it was worth it. Now I have resources for my crafting for two or even five years :D